The Story1

In a bid to take down MS-13’s criminal network in the Mission District of San Francisco, Michael Santini, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, recruits a pair of hardened gang members and convinces them to risk their lives as criminal informants.

Through a combination of clever ruses and dogged determination, Santini tracks down the gang’s international network from the Bay Area streets and alleys, all the way to the prison cells in corrupt Central American regimes.

It's a thrilling story about a dedicated team of special agents and federal prosecutors -- in partnership with a few local cops -- who overcome major political and legal challenges to take down more than thirty violent criminal targets in a masssive sweep.

Operation Devil Horns offers a rare glimpse into the criminal subculture of MS-13, an international gang that terrorizes communities across America. The story illustrates how savvy police work and interagency cooperation can cut through politics to positively impact life-or-death crime fighting on the streets.

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